Harsha Hari is not your ordinary singer-songwriter or rapper. A self-taught musician, guitarist, and producer from Calcutta, India, Harsha Hari writes, records, and produces music as diverse in scope as in genres. From the grandiose melodies and fiery rapping on debut Okaybye to the gritty samples and vocals on sophomore album F S L P, Harsha unites influences from Dylan to Biggie to deliver a sonic palette like no other. Stream F S L P on any major platform for dexterous flows and jazz riffs re-interpreting the classic rap genre in a bold, innovative composition. Beautiful Downer, the third album on Hari's catalog, is aptly titled, as a soundscape for his statement on his own human pains and sufferings. Woozy beats and catchy melodies abound in Beautiful Downer, an impassioned work of human art.

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